Repair Your Dell PowerEdge RAID 5

ra5If you are a computer savvy, you can perform a RAID 5 repair all by yourself. It is not difficult to fix this kind of computer concern as long as you are guided appropriately. However, you have to take note that when you start to repair a Dell PowerEdge RAID 5, you should be certain about what you are doing. Once you get into the guts of a Dell server, there is no turning back. So if you are not confident about it, look here for hard drive crash tips.

But you should ensure that the technician you hire can retrieve all the lost files within the redundant array of inexpensive disks. You’ll want to ensure that the company is Dell certified to work with PowerEdge RAID arrays.

Therefore, the best thing that you have to do first is to research well online and offline. You can ask referrals from your friends in order to figure out who works with these servers. You can also search online so that you can have a number of sources for the services. But make no mistake: a RAID 5 repair should only be done by a computer technician who can truly manage the recovery of files.

Comparing The Outcomes

Here is a common scenario: you have been negligent when using your hard drive, or maybe you were just in a rush so you had to simply unplug the USB (universal serial bus) because you are out of time. Now, you have not been cautious or you forgot that you can possibly damage the hard drive’s contents or systems by not safely ejecting the USB. Right on the day that you need your files, you suddenly get a prompt that says you need to scan and fix your hard drive.

Now, the beauty of this is that if you are actually running a Dell PowerEdge RAID array as a backup server, you are probably going to be safe. The reality is that RAID arrays give you the ability to lose a drive or two, and the parity information available on the remaining drives allows you to safely recover that data. For this, you don’t even need to have any data recovery expertise; instead, you can use Dell’s DSET to determine what exactly the fix should be. It’s easier than you think, to be sure.

2 Responses to “Repair Your Dell PowerEdge RAID 5”

  1. Walter Monat says:

    Be mindful of bit error which is the biggest problem with RAID technology today.
    In the event of a disk failure in a RAID set, every remaining disk must be read perfectly from start to finish. Any read error during RAID-5 rebuild will cause data loss since we need to read each sector of all other disks during rebuild.

    On SATA disks with a bit error rate of 1 in 10^14 (read failure once every 12,5 TB of read operations), that means if the data on the surviving disks totals 12.5TB, the probability of the array failing rebuild is close to 100%. If read failure happens during RAID-6 rebuild, you will be driving without spare tire, vulnerable to 2nd disk failure, from which RAID-6 is supposed to protect in the first place. Enterprise class disks are safer by factor of ten, but still risky.

  2. Rex L says:

    I am not a computer savvy and even if I am, I would not dare touch my damaged RAID. I will leave it to the experts. I will never take the risk of losing my vital files.

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