Remoting It!

Take your office with you using the latest technology tools. Conduct business as usual wherever you go, and return to your office with a clean desk. What a great feeling!

You have to make the trip, but you dread the work that piles up while you’re gone–e-mail, voice mail, faxes–not to mention people who must see you on your first day back.

With a little planning, and some help along the way, there’s very little you can’t do on the road that you’d do sitting at your office desk. Today, we have pagers, wireless phones, laptops, PDAs (personal digital assistants), and a host of other electronic marvels to help us stay in touch, whether we’re at a branch office, a home office, or on the road–most anywhere in the world.

The big benefit, of course, is the ability to conduct business in real time. Internet access is getting easier. Airports, airlines, travel agencies, and hotels offer many new services. Other travel aids are in the works.

Finding The Right Solutions For IRS Problems

frsoirsEncountering IRS problems is nerve wrecking and stressful for those who have not yet experienced it. Basically, being unable to pay the taxes is like committing a crime to the government. It has its own consequences, which can be a lot of problem later on. That is why; individuals should settle their IRS problems as soon as possible, whenever it exists. The first thing to do is to seek help from friends or family who are familiar with this kind of problem. But in case they have no idea at all, it is advisable to review the tax payments done in the past and compute the amount that should be given back to the government.

Seeking professional help can be a lot of help but it entails another set of expenses so better seek an appointment to the Internal Revenue Service. By doing so, it will give you an opportunity to discuss your concerns and how you should go about it. Do not forget to consider …

Positioning Is Everything


If you build it and they don’t come, you need to take a fresh look at your Web positioning strategy

YOU BUILT YOUR BUSINESS WEB SITE by the book–bought an easy-to-remember domain name, registered with a slew of search engines, and added all the right metatags and keywords. Still, visitors are scarce; your online storefront is a great-looking ghost town. What’s wrong?

Chances are you put a lot more time and energy into producing your site than promoting it. From keyword placement to link exchanges and radio and TV tie-ins, our checklist of tips and expert advice should help you pinpoint the problem.


“Roughly 85 [percent] to 90 percent of all new traffic arrives at a site via one of the major search engines,” says Robin Nobels, a Mississippi-based facilitator for Web positioning courses. How can you tell whether your keywords are driving visitors to your site? Type your keyword into Yahoo or Excite; Nobels says your site should appear “within the top …